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(27th May 1940 - 1st June 1968)

Philip Gammage

The news that Philip had died came with this email from Alan Causon on 8 Sep 2021.

Hello Andre, 

This morning I had the sad news that one of our 1950's Group had died ,namely Philip Gammage. You probably will not remember him as he only attended 2 of our Reunions largely because he was taken ill with Parkinson's Disease.

By profession he was a School Teacher specialising in the Education of young children. He became one of the top Educationalists in the U.K. In fact he was a retired Professor from Nottingham University..Without me reiterating the point if interested just scroll the name Philip Gammage and it will take you quite a long time to read all about him. I knew him very well likewise Eric Sage, Roy Whiteman,Michael Appleton and Adrian Reddall. This morning I tried to contact them but could only raise Roy Whiteman and Eric Sage.

The Funeral Details are as follows.                 

The Funeral Service The Bramcote Crematorium "Reflection Chapel" Coventry Lane, Bramcote.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Time of Funeral 1415 Hours on the 10th. September 2021 Funeral Director A.W. Lymm Beeston

I thought that possibly one of his old friends who lives in the Nottingham Area may wish to attend the Funeral.
(Note from Andre: Unfortunately I was unable to attend)

I hope that you and your family are keeping well. You will be pleased to know that Margareta is doing well.

Kind regards,


Information on Philip’s professional work can be found on the UCET website here, some specific academic references from ResearchGate here and a link to his ‘Teacher and Pupil’ text here.

There is no information on Philip’s time at Shinfield.

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