RAF Shinfield Park

Headquarters Flying Training Command 

(27th May 1940 - 1st June 1968)

Aubrey Alan Kenneth Tanner

Aubrey was a Corporal (No. 2296045) at Shinfield Park from 1946-48.

Permanent Pass

Service & Release Book

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Apr 5th 2021: received this email from Greg Tanner, Aubrey’s nephew:

Webmaster (Andre) replied on Apr 6th, 2021:

Greg replied on same day:

Webmaster (Andre) replied on Apr 8th, 2021:

Greg North commented on Apr 8th, 2021 

John South commented on Apr 8th, 2021 

NOTE from Webmaster (Andre) : I have now put a link to the above website for Greg Tanner and others to check records. It is referenced at the bottom of the Home page and you can also get to it here.

Greg Tanner replied further on Apr 8th, 2021:

Keith Freeman commented on Apr 11th, 2021 

Rather than local papers (an infinite number?) what about the RAF Associations Airmail? Haven't got a copy to hand at the moment but I'm almost certain the kind of adverts you're talking about are free to RAFA members (and, yes, I am a member and could thus put one in - if you let me know what you want...